Below you will find FAQ`s relating to our notarial services other than as related to Planning Documents, which is a separate area of our practice. If you have a general question that has not been addressed here, we encourage you to contact us. Should you require a more immediate or specific response, however, please give us a call to discuss your circumstances.

  • There are certain times when it is a legal requirement for a person`s signature to be notarized, or witnessed by a notary. It is almost as simple as it sounds but not every situationms is the same. Documents from other jurisdictions may have special additional requirements and then there are documents we cannot witness. With so many variations on this simple theme, there are often questions about procedure. Here are some answers:

    Witnessed Signature FAQ’s

    Can the document be signed before meeting with the notary?


    No. The person whose signature is being witnessed must appear before the notary and sign in her presence. If you have already signed, it can be signed again with the notary at your appointment.

    What kind of identification should I bring to the appointment?


    The notary will ask to see and make a copy of your current government-issued photo ID, such as a driver`s licence, provincial ID card, recent Citizenship card, PR card, or passport.

    What if I don`t have the right kind of identification?


    The answer will depend upon individual circumstances but could range from being required to obtain such ID, or being asked to bring with you, in addition to the ID that you do have, other persons who have the appropriate identification to vouch for you in writing. Additonal charges would apply to a notarization under these circumstances.

    Where can I find a sample consent letter for a minor to travel abroad?


    There is a recommended format for such consent to be found on the Government of Canada website. While not required, notarization of the consenting parent’s signature is recommended.

  • What do you do if there is only one original of your document and you are being asked to part with it? That`s where we come in. More often than not, a notarial certified copy of the original will be accepted in its stead so the original can stay with you. There are procedures that must be followed, however, and the FAQ`s below give a good idea of what to expect.

    Certified Copy FAQ’s

    What constitutes an original document?


    This question gets harder to answer all the time. With colour printers and photocopiers, it becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate a copy from an original. We do not make certified copies of electronic documents that have merely been printed without any further need of an original signature or the application of an official mark of some kind. We do our best to assess the document but if it is unclear, we may have to decline making the certification.

    Should I make copies of the original to bring to my appointment?


    No. The notary will make her own copies from your original document since that is what is being certified.